Advisory services
Our team provides ongoing support in order to better help you achieve your goals and maximize your efficiency. We can lead you toward fully understanding and using our solutions.

Our advisory services cover all aspects of online research, including needs analysis, implementation, training, technical support, after-sales service and expert support by our librarians. Click a link below to find out more about our consulting services.

Information audit

This service involves evaluating your situation with the goal of identifying your information needs, as well as the specific resources and networks that you must access to gather your strategic intelligence. The audit then allows us to propose solutions best suited to you.

During the information audit, we produce a comprehensive picture of your information usage for current affairs and business news. The audit enables us to design or maximize programs and systems that are best adapted to your needs for gathering information and business intelligence.

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We provide various custom training programs to help you gain the most from our products. Individual or group courses, from beginner to advanced, are tailored to your needs and schedule. That way, you benefit from the experience of specialized trainers who offer their skills to make your work easier and increase your productivity.

Sessions can be held on your premises or at the offices of CEDROM-SNi. For increased flexibility, we also offer virtual training using WebEx technology, enabling you to train by telephone in front of your computer. It’s like having a trainer sitting right next to you!

For further information about our training programs, please contact us.

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Online searching

Are you trying to define your needs for monitoring the news, competition and technology in your industry sector? Our online search experts are here to help you. In addition, they can assist you in creating your folders. Once your needs are clearly identified, they determine all the concepts relevant to your fields of interest, and develop the best search strategies for you. After just a few days of tests, we evaluate the results with you, making adjustments if necessary.

Finally, to keep you abreast of current affairs, the online search experts at CEDROM-SNi offer you their expertise on a daily basis. Each day, they select and circulate important and late-breaking news using the service.

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Technical support

The service requires no special installation on your users’ workstations or on your organization’s servers. Nonetheless, our qualified technical team will walk you through the deployment, enabling you to quickly benefit from the solution.

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Customer support

The help team is available Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. to answer your questions about using specific functions, or about technical issues related to your version of Simply contact us by phone at 514-278-6060 or toll-free 1-800-563-5665, or by email.

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